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The Talon Grip is a very rugged finger and thumb loop training device for finger, thumb, hand, wrist and arm strengthening. 
- Able to Train 1 or All 5 Digits. The Talon Grip is the Only Open Hand Training Device to Include a Thumb Loop. Add Weight or Attach to a Resistance Band and Wrap the Loops on All Fingers and Thumb to Train Extensor Muscles in the Hands.
- Wrap the Talon Grip Around Pull-Up Bars, a Weight Stack, Resistance Band or Bar for Pull-Ups, Deadlifts, Rows or any other Pulling Exercise. Also Great for Static Holds.
- Ideal for Athletes and Sports Enthusiasts Who Want to Increase Their Hand, Wrist, Forearem and Finger Strength for Rock Climbing, Ninja Training, Bodybuilding, MMA, Shooting,  Golf, and Tennis.

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Talon Grip - Only Open Hand Training Device

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