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A strong grip is essential for just about every sport. The SuperHuman Grip and can strengthen the adductors / flexion component of your grip but have you ever exercised the abductors / extension component of your grip. If not, it is like exercising your biceps and never exercising your triceps. Research shows that a muscles contraction will be stronger and more powerful if preceded by contractions of its antagonist (opposing) muscle group.  You may be overusing your gripping muscles while under-using your expanding muscles, the muscles that open your hands, causing imbalances that at their best hurt performance & at their worst cause pain & injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.  The Hand X Band was specifically designed to exercise & strengthen your expanding muscles, balancing all of that over-gripping. Hand X Band is compact, durable & easy to use. The Superhuman Gripper offers an adjustable resistance range from 22lbs to 70lbs. To adjust the resistance, lightly squeeze the handle, loosen the tightening wheel and move the spring to the setting where you are comfortable pounding out some reps!


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SuperHuman Grip + Hand X Band - Flexion and Extension

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