Flex Premium Arm Blaster + Fit Grips 2.0
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Flex Premium Arm Blaster + Fit Grips 2.0 - Arm Blaster Support Plus Thick/Fat Bar Training

  • Combining Fit Grips 2.0 and the Flex Premium Arm Blaster by Core Prodigy will transform your grip and arms! By increasing the diameter of the bar, you will feel a greater muscle activation in your hands and arms. This increased muscle activation leads to bigger, faster gains in muscle size and functional strength (especially in overall arm size). We guarantee you'll feel the difference from the very first time you use them.

  • The Flex Premium Arm Blaster perfectly supports your elbows and enables you to keep the correct posture during curls. Users immediately notice proper bicep isolation when curling with the Flex Premium Arm Blaster. Max weight supported 135 lbs.

  • Fit Grips have a 2 inch outside diameter and are 4 5/8 inches long. Inside diameter is 1 inch. They are made of high density silicone which allows years of maintenance free use.

  • Max weight supported 135 lbs. Adjustable belt made of heavy duty webbed nylon. The neck pad is made of neoprene. By Core Prodigy - Fitness Equipment Leader

Flex Premium Arm Blaster + Fit Grips - Arm Blaster Support Plus Thick/Fat Bar Training. Try contracting just your bicep with an open hand. Then contract your bicep plus your forearm with a closed fist. You will notice a much stronger contraction in your bicep when your entire arm is contracted. This is called muscle irradiation. The basic principle of irradiation states that the harder a muscle contracts, the harder the surrounding muscle contracts. This is the principle behind the movement to thicker training bars. If your hand is contracting more because the bar is thicker and awkward to control, the entire muscle group activated by the exercise will be more engaged. In the early days of bodybuilding, thick handle barbells were more common with 2" plus outside diameters. Today, most gyms and training centers are equipped with barbells and dumbbells with 1" handles. However, there is a resurgence in thick handle training equipment because trainers, athletes, bodybuilders and recreational lifters are re-discovering the significant benefits when these products are used. Core Prodigy is now offering our version of thick training grips called Fit Grips 2.0 (2.0" Outside Diameter with a 1" inside diameter). Fits most barbells. We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with this product. The Flex Premium Arm Blaster is 24” long x 3.5” wide with a 3.75” arch peak and made of a thick gauge aluminum.

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Flex Premium Arm Blaster + Fit Grips 2.0

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